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Web Editors

All that is really needed to build a website is a simple text editor. An html file, the basic file for a website, is a text file. This is written in a language that the web browser can understand. While a text editor is all that is required to build a website, most web developers use some sort of visual editor to build their pages. This saves the time of opening the html file in a browser to check the work.

There are many web editor programs available. There are web based site builders often offered by web hosting companies so that their customers can put up a simple page without too much trouble.

There are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors that will provide an html output from a graphic user interface. These editors do not require any knowledge of html to produce a web page. This is the type of editor that the web based editors represent, but there are also many programs of this type available for use on your computer.

There are some basic editors and some of the most highly regarded editors ranging from free to several hundred dollars in this class of editor. If you are going to do serious web development work you will need at least a basic knowledge of html, but most people can put up a simple website using a web editor program.

A WYSIWYG editor that allows you to view the source code can be a good learning tool if you wish to learn html. You can get your page laid out and then view the source code. You can correlate what you have done on the page with the html that the editor generated. Before long you will be able to recognize the features and tags in the html and will be able to edit the source code if needed.

Building a personal website or a website to promote your business can be an interesting project. You will end up with a site that you can show off to your family and associates. You can take your favorite features of your favorite websites and combine them to make something that is uniquely yours.

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