Do you know your traffic?

Knowing about the traffic to your site can help you improve the performance of your site. A good site tracking solution can be a very valuable tool.

Knowing Your Traffic

The visitors that come to your site are all VIPs. Without traffic there would be no value to having your website. The more information that you have about your traffic the better you can tweak your site to draw even more visitors.

You can manually dig through the traffic logs for your site, but while this gives full information there is more information than you need to know. A website stats tool will provide you with the information that is of value to you and often does some additional processing to add good information.

You may be interested in the locational information for your visitors. This can tell you, to some extent, if you are reaching your target audience. Of greater interest are the referrers that are sending traffic to your site.

For your organic traffic you should pay particular attention to the search terms that people used to find your site. If you see that there is a particular theme to these search terms you may want to developer some additional content to better target these terms.

With most hosting accounts there are some stats options. Many of them provide an analytic program in addition to the server logs. These can be of value in analyzing your traffic.

One of the more popular of the external utilities is Google Analytics. Google provides you with a code snippet that you place on your pages. This is not visible to your visitors but does report to Google. They then aggregate the results and give you a summary through an online user interface.

The information given will include the location of the visitor, the search terms used for the organic traffic or the referrer for linked traffic. They also give you the pages visited and the time spent on the page.  The report defaults to the last month of traffic but can be focused on a daily basis. This is a free service offered by Google.

Knowing your traffic can be a great benefit to you. You will have good information about the traffic so that you can better target the website. It may suggest additional content that would be of value for you to develop. Stats can tell you if you are effectively reaching your target audience.

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