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3 T's of Running a Website

By Adam Snyder

TRAFFIC, TRUST, AND TIME! These are the 3 things you need to understand when it comes to building your site. I really hope I don't need to tell you why TRAFFIC but I will just in case you still are unsure. Traffic is crucial for any website, because even with the world's best design and great content if you have no traffic then there is no reason to even have your site. Traffic is what will bring in income and bring in frequent visitors.

Trust is critical because if your visitors just think you are lying to them then they most likely won't read you website. The best websites are usually the ones that are free for people to use. If you are always trying to sell you visitor something then they might not come back again. Just think about it, what does facebook do? All they do is let you use their social networking system for free and they make their money from advertisers, not selling their members someone else's products. If they can do this don't you think you could too just on a smaller scale?

And lastly TIME. Time is very important because if you never leave time for your website then you will have a tough time getting it off the ground and getting visitors to it. Always make a certain amount of time for your site daily and you will see the difference in the amount of traffic. A stagnant site doesn't do anything for anyone, yeah people might go and look at your site once but when they come back and see it is the same article from 3 weeks ago up they will just click off. You want to make sure you give them the information that they want at the same time trying to get them to click on a ad so you can either sell them something of send them to another free site.

Whatever you do make sure you save time for these 3 T's.

These 3 T's will work and they will work wonderfully if done right. Check out an example of a site that got off the ground in less than 2 weeks using the 3 T's.

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