Do you know about on page SEO?

There are companies that make a business of search engine optimization for web sites. This is a very broad subject and there are many facets to the discipline. On page SEO is a very important piece of this puzzle so should be taken into consideration from the planning stage through the completion of a website.

On Page SEO - The Basis for Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is traffic that comes to your site via a search engine. Someone types a search term or phrase into the search box and performs a search. The search engine returns a result page with links to sites that they hope will give the information for which the searcher is looking. 

Targeted traffic is traffic to your website that is specifically looking for the information or deal that you have to offer. Having a lot of visitors to your site will not do much good if they are not really interested in your subject.

On page SEO is your way to help the search engines provide your links to the people that you want to visit your site. With a little effort on your part in the area of on page SEO you can improve the quality of the visitors that the search engines send to you.

On page SEO means that you have the keywords, terms for which people will search, in the places that the search indexing algorithm will look for them. In titles and headings it is best if your keywords are in the first few words of the line. Then your keywords should be used in the content text in a flowing, natural manner.

The page title and description are important to your search engine success. The page title shows up in the title bar at the top of the browser window and will usually be the title shown in the search results. The page description is not visible unless someone checks the source view in the browser, but many times it is used by the search engines as the text for the search results listing. Both of these elements need to be crafted to capture your audience.

The heading tags carry more weight with the search engines in determining the content than the paragraphs of content. You should craft your page so that someone only reading the headings will have a good idea what the page is about. You also want to pull the reader in with your headings. You need to work your page keywords into your headings to the extent possible.

In the body of your content you want to use your page keywords often enough that there will be no doubt about the subject of the page, but you do not want to stuff your page with key words. It is more important to present good interesting readable content than to have sentences that do not flow just to up your keyword count. You want the search engines to find your keywords but you want your visitors to stay on your site long enough to evaluate what you have to offer.

Write good, information rich content while keeping your keywords and objectives for the page in mind and both your visitors and the search engines will be happy.

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