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Available Resources for Web Development

There are many software programs and packages that are valuable aids in a web development project. There are also some services that are required and some that are nice to have. I am accumulating a list here with links to the various items. 

Many of these packages are open source or freeware softwares. Others are paid applications or services. Some of the paid software and services contain my affiliate links. See the disclaimer page for details.


The website builder / html editor that I use is a freeware project called KompoZer. It is a good basic editor and capable of producing sites with clean code and css. The css editor is a strong point with KompoZer.

KompoZer is aimed at the entry level but is used by many more advanced web programers. It can be a very good learning tool as well as producing a usable website.

The program is under active development with the next version currently in beta. The update is quite extensive because it is largely a rebuild. It incorporates several new features and many improvements to some of the existing features.


FileZilla is a freeware FTP client. It is one of the options that is available. One of the major weaknesses of the current version of KompoZer has been the publishing function. This is being addressed in the new version, but an FTP client is still a useful utility. 

An FTP client is used to transfer files to and from a webserver. Your website is a group of files. Whenever you build a site or update a page you must transfer it to the server. FileZilla handles these tasks with ease.


IrfanView is a freeware image editor. Images for the web should be sized in an external program to the size required on the site. This can be done in an image editor easily.

IrfanView also has several other features that I use on my sites. The create panoramic image function is what I use to make my symmetrical background images. There is batch processing available to resize and /or rename a group of images. There is also an html gallery generator that I have used on several sites.


WordPress is blogging software. Even though it is designed as blogging software it is the basis of many sites. It is very flexible and there is a large library of plug-ins to extend its capabilities.




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