How do you promote your site?

A website is a very lonely place without visitors. In order to have a good level of traffic you will need to promote your site.

Some ways to promote your website

In order for your website to serve its purpose you need visitors to your site. In order for people to find your site you will need to promote your site. There are over 150 million sites on the web and over one billion pages. It is easy to get lost in the crowd. 

If your site does not show up on the first page of the search results you will get little or no traffic from the search engines. Having a planned, focused site will help with your Search Engine Results Page position. You will still need some billboards that point to your site.

There are quick ways to gain a good deal of traffic to your site but they can be quite expensive. AdWords or other paid advertising can be very effective, but unless you have very deep pockets you better have a good plan for monetizing your site. This traffic will only last as long as your paid promotion lasts for the most part.

There are many free ways to promote your site. If you have optimized your pages and chosen good keywords (terms that people actually search for) your next step is to get some backlinks to your site.

You would like to have sites with a high traffic count put a link to your site on their site. There are various ways to accomplish this objective.

There are various web directories available, some free and some paid. You can search the web to find many options as far as directories.

You can join a forum that relates to the subject matter of your site. In your profile most forums allow a web site listing. Some allow a link in a signature that shows each time you post to the forum. Be sure that any posts that you make on a forum relate to the topic being discussed and don't spam a forum with posts that have no value to the other members. Usually links should not be put into your posts and certainly not links to commercial or affiliate sites.

Commenting on blogs related to your subject can also be helpful. The same restrictions apply to blog comments as forum posts. Most blogs are set up with 'no follow' links, so you will probably not gain a backlink, but if the blog is related to your subject matter and you write a good comment you may see some traffic to your site.

You can open accounts on social networking sites. You will need to participate in the social aspects of the community and not just shout about your wonderful website. Traffic from social networks tends to be more curious in nature than the targeted traffic that you would like to see.

One of the prime ways to promote a site is through article marketing. You can syndicate some of the articles on your site or write original articles for the article directories. 

For this to be successful you need to provide good information in the body of the article. The article directories allow a resource box that goes at the end of the article. You can promote your site or offer in your resource box. The better article directories get a good deal of traffic and many have a high page rank. 

If an article is picked up for syndication in a newsletter on reprinted on another site you can see direct traffic as a result. You will also have the benefit of the backlink to yours site from the original article on the directory site and from any sites that choose to reprint your article.

A method of site promotion that is growing in popularity is through videos. You can produce a video and place it on YouTube and provide a link to your site. If your video should go viral the result can be thousands of impressions and a flood of traffic to your site.

All of the free methods of promotion require a bit of commitment. You can't do any of these things just one time and see traffic build. If you do a combination of these ideas and do them consistently for several months you will see the traffic to your site begin to build. It takes time for the search engines to index your site and it takes time for the spiders to find the external links to your site, so keep promoting and you will gain traffic as a result.

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