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I put up this site to give you some information about things that go on in the 'Wild West' that is the Internet today. You should be aware that there are people that make their money by building a basic marketing website and then putting it up for sale. They are making their money by selling you a web site that you could easily build yourself. This has been going on for years in the brick and morter business and it has successfully transfered to the online world.

Their sales pitch will be that you are buying an established business with repeat customers and that you will make an income stream immediately. They may have huge traffic logs to impress you. Traffic can be bought if you don't care about the quality or it can be faked. The log files will tell you about the number of requests for the page to be loaded, but they don't tell you much about the quality of those requests. If you know how to read them, and spend the time, there is quite a bit of information that you could find, but that information is buried much deeper than the raw numbers, and you have to know or learn the language.

If this is such a money maker, why does the owner want to sell? There can be valid reasons, but many of the people that tell you "If you buy this you will get rich quick!!" are making their money from selling you the site. If they were making all the money with the site that they claim would they have a reason to sell it?

On this site I will present the options available to you as far as owning a profitable business on the web. I am studying this subject and I will tell you the things that my research has found. I will also tell you some things to check for when considering buying a web site. I hope that you will find the articles interesting and to be of value.


Have you considered buying a website?

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