How do you find keywords?

Keywords are essential to your success

What Are Keywords

Simply put keywords are the terms for which people search. The search engines index pages on the web by the density of keywords in the content. When people search the Internet with a search engine they type or paste a word or a string of words into the search box. The search engine tries to match the search terms with the content on websites.

As a webmaster you must think about the keywords in your content if you want people interested in your products to find your pages. You need traffic to your site in order to make money. But there is good traffic and bad traffic. Getting traffic to your site does no good if that traffic is not interested in what you have to offer. So you use keywords that will bring traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.

Where to Use Keywords

Keywords should be used at every level of your websites. The domain name will be easiest to promote if it contains your primary keywords. The title of the page should contain keywords for which the page is optimized. The headings of the sections should contain your keywords. 

Finally, your keywords should be worked into your content in a natural flow. You do not want to stuff your content with keywords, but use the keywords should be worked in to the content enough that there will be no doubt about the subject matter that you address.

How to Find Keywords

Keyword research needs to be carried out in the earliest stages of planning your website. Ideally you would like to find a keyword that is searched for a great number of times but has little competition. A lot of people have been looking for those terms for a long time, but there are millions of keyword phrases and it is still possible to find some good ones.

If you just want one website you can do the research with free tools. It will take some time but it can be done. If you want to put up a series of micro-sites investing in a good keyword tool is probably a better plan. Google has a keyword tool as well as other research tools that are free to use. A keyword tool automates a good bit of the research saving a great deal of time.

The benefits of using keywords and doing the research are realized in having a site that draws organic traffic that is targeted to what you have to offer. Targeted organic traffic is very good for your site because it is free traffic that is interested in the subject matter of your site. This traffic is more likely to take advantage of the offers that you have on your site.

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