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If you have a website you will need a hosting service. A hosting service provides space on a server to place your website files so that they are accessible to surfers. There must be availability to the web from a fixed address so that your browser can find the files.

There are a few free hosting options. These are suitable for hosting personal websites or hobby sites. Many of the free options impose some limits on what you can do with the site. Some require advertising space on your site. Many do not allow you to use your own domain name. Many ISPs provide some server space in conjunction with your Internet service.

If you hope to make an income from your sites you will need to invest in paid hosting. Hosting plans vary greatly in price and the options that they offer. The hosting market is very competitive, so you can find good values without much problem.

The hosting that you choose may be determined by your intentions for your site. Blogging software, like WordPress, requires a server that supports php and an available database. For a basic static site the requirements are much less. Some plans allow you to hose multiple sites on your space on the server. These additional domains would be known as addon domains with a regular hosting service.

Some Internet Marketers prefer a 'reseller' hosting plan. This allows for a separate IP address for each domain name. Should you decide to put a domain up for sale things can be a little simpler, but you can also move a website to a different server or host without too much trouble.

When choosing a host you need to be sure that the plan offers the features that you need and that the hosting company is reliable. All of the hosting companies will claim great up-time. You might do an Internet search using the name of the hosting company to see if there are many complaints posted about the service.

While it is possible to set up your own server and serve your own pages it is not really practical for most people. There are a lot of technical details to operating a web connected server and it is best to let a hosting service handle those details. You will be able to find a hosting company with a plan that serves your purposes without too much problem.

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