How good is Free?

The HeadLine Reads "Free Affiliate Website"

The byline reads something like, "You can have your own free affiliate website today and start making money now!"

How this offer came to my attention:

I have somehow gotten myself on the mailing list of a super affiliate. I don't recall when or where I signed up, it is a bit out of character for me. I have been receiving his marketing emails for a couple of weeks now. This offer had been mentioned before, but today was the first time that I had followed the link.

The Offer:

The super affiliate marketer has a deal for you! He has the software to set you up with your own affiliate marketing website. It seems that this is mostly an automated process, like signing up for a webmail account. If you own a domain name that you wish to use or if you have hosting he can accommodate you. If not he will provide the site, a domain name, and hosting for your affiliate website.

The site will be a blog style review site and will come prepopulated with 30 affiliate links. You can add content through blog posts and you can easily add banner ads and more review links from his interface. There is also a theme picker so that you can change the look of your site. Here is a quote from the marketing letter:

"Remember, you write your own reviews and can add new product reviews in your own words at any time. So this is your OWN unique site with pre-made reviews for top selling products to get you started."

Can you make money with this program:

It is certainly possible to make money with this program. How much you make will depend on how much additional work you put into your site. The basic site will be indexed by search engines. You may see some traffic from this source. In order to see significant traffic to your site there are a couple of things that you will need to do. You will need to add much more unique content to the site and you will need to promote the site.

How can he offer all of this for free:

The website is, itself, free. But the offer is to those that subscribe to his affiliate marketing magazine that is chock full of tips and programs so that you can make more money. You will certainly want to get his magazine anyway so that you can make lots of money from your very own affiliate website. Besides, the cost of the subscription is only $39.95 per month and he is so sure that you will be delighted with it that he is going to give you the first issue FREE.

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Does this program sound good to You?

Would you go for this deal?

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