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I am offering a pdf of the material in the website basics section as a free download. The website basics section contains an overview of several topics with which you should be familiar if you are about to buy or build a website. I have assembled the various articles in this section into a PDF that you may wish to keep handy as a reference, or you may send it on to others who may be interested.

In addition to the main site I have a blog associated with this site titled 'Money from the Web -  The Reality Show'. I occasionally post articles of interest on this blog as well as the main site. I invite you to check out the blog.

There are also some other articles on the main site that address some other topics. If you are thinking of buying an existing site you may be interested in some of the information that I offer. 

In addition I have a site named Selling on Your Website that offers some information on topics of interest to those who hope to make some money on the web. Visit Selling on Your Website

We are planning to occasionally provide more information and special offers by email. While I am not requiring registration to my mailing list to download the pdf I do want to offer you the opportunity to register. The mailings will not be too frequent and will only contain information and offers that I hope will be of interest to you.

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We value your privacy. We will only use this mailing list occasionally to provide information and offers that we hope will be of interest to you. We will not provide this list to others nor will we sell this list. Thanks.

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