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You have done your research. You have done your planning. You have your site blueprint in hand. Now it is time to actually start building your website. You will need the tools and materials to do the job at hand.

Before you start building your site you should have your local website folder set up. If you will be using images on your site you should have those images in an images sub-folder. The images should be resized to the dimensions of the space where they will be used. This would include any header image or background images that you will use.

You will need to have your web editor ready for action. A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is in order if you do not know html and css coding. There are freeware options as well as commercial programs available. Some of the paid programs offer more functions, but may not produce cleaner code. There are also templates available if you do not wish to build the page from scratch.

The first page that you build will be named index.html. This will be your home page, the page that the browser opens if you just type in the URL in the address bar. Open a new page or your template page in your editor. The first thing that you should do is 'save as' index in your local website folder.

You should give the page a title and write a description of the page in the new page wizard. Remember to use your primary keywords in the title and description. The page title is what shows up in the title bar at the top of the browser window, so it is important that you give the page a good descriptive title. Do not confuse the page title with the file name under which you save the page.

The next step will be to produce the page layout if you are building the page yourself. If you will have more than one page in your site you should definitely use an external stylesheet so that you do not have to do the basic layout each time that you start a new page. An external stylesheet will also insure that things are consistent across your site.

After you get the layout as you want it you but before you add content that will change from page to page you may wish to do a 'save as' master page. To a large extent a master page is a template for future pages for your site. This will save time when you start on your next page.

After you have your basic layout complete it is time to start adding your content. Your content includes the text that you will place on the page and any images that you may use. For a multi-page site there will also be site navigation. When you have all of your content in place and styled as you prefer your page is complete and ready for uploading to the server.

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