Why we put up this site

I became aware of someone who had bid on and won some websites on EBay. One of the sites in the package turned out to be unavailable, but the seller offered to put up a clone site with a different domain name. The buyer wisely declined the offer and was refunded the purchase price.

There are people that make a business of buying and selling websites. Some buy domain names and put some advertising on a parked page and hope that someone will want that domain name. Some put up a quick site and hang a for sale sign on that site. 

There are also people that are in the business of website flipping. This is much like house flipping in the real estate business. They buy a web property that is not doing too much and spruce it up a bit, do a bit of promotion for the site, and offer it for sale at a profit.

There is a stereotype of the used car salesman, who uses high pressure tactics to sell his product. As with any business there are those that will paint a rosie picture of the potential of a site, but there is knowledge and experience that is needed to be successful online.

There are things that you should be aware of before you buy a website. This site attempts to call attention to some of the issues involved in purchasing a site.

If you are interested in making an income online I have some information on my site, Selling on Your Website, that may be of interest to you.

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